There is a big reason behind starting NovaShield, I am Kinjal Patel Insurance Broker, Will & Estate Planner.

In this 5 years insurance & mortgage journey I have came across thousands of people having serious health issues and because of their health reasons people selling their properties, setting it for a mortgage and saw them stressed doing this.

This health reason had put them to a financial crisis, I felt helpless seeing them because I wanted to see them healthier.

I was true believer of Ayurveda and then I have discovered Ayurvedic herbs and their reciepies in this journey I have met a girl named Ridhima Arora she is the founder of Namhya Foods and she has the same reason as I had to go for Ayurveda and she has started her own brand and helped thousands of people already, right now she has participated in SharkTank India and got funding and it will grow massively in India.

I got connected with her and decided to start changing lives of people from UK and I have successfully changes lives of a lot of people.

This is how NovaShielwas d founded, and I thank you very much to connect with us, we assure you that our products will surely change your life and give you a happy life.